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The Culture Soup Podcast®️

Ep 143: Where Black Professionals Exhale, with Gina McCray

April 22, 2021

We're happy to bring you this new episode that was held hostage to technical difficulties for a bit! We unleash it later today!

It was great reconnecting with my friend Gina McCray who happens to be the sitting CEO of one of the oldest employee resource groups in corporate America--The NETwork National Integrated Communications Professionals of AT&T.

We sat for a bit to discuss the importance of these organizations, especially in the context of times like these--muddling through bad news headline after bad news headlines whether it is about the pandemic and the disproportionate rates at which Black professionals are impacted, or the string of black lives lost at the hands of police only for starters.

She also shared with me how this organization managed through the tough times of 2020 on the heels of an incredible 2019 when the org celebrated their 50th anniversary.

I also have a special tribute to our friend, former Network National CEO Latya Taylor during the show's monologue that you won't want to miss.

You'll want to hear from Gina.