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The Culture Soup Podcast®️

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Ep 156: THe Coaching Corner: Control Freak w/L. Michelle Smith
September 03, 2021

Have you crossed a line?

Ep 155: Another Hidden Figure in Sports
August 19, 2021

One Woman's Full Court Press to The Front Office

Ep 154: The Coaching Corner Episode: Goal setting and Celebrating
August 06, 2021

You owe it to yourself to dream and reward yourself for your acheivements

Ep 151: #TBT Black women lead...but everyone isn't on board with Charisse Jones
June 24, 2021

VP Kamala Harris Shows the World How Black Women Are Treated

Episode 150: Let's talk sports and culture with Larry Lundy
June 17, 2021

Social issues and sports

Ep 148: Lessons from the Plantation with Shannon Lanier
May 28, 2021

When your ancestors are famous