The Confidence Chronicles

The Confidence Chronicles

Why I don’t take anything personally and neither should you

December 21, 2019

I am and have always been a bold stand. I speak freely and share my truth (with love always) but there are times when someone may not agree with me.  There are definitely times where I get feedback about how much I swear or how strongly I speak my voice about certain topics, but I have a choice as to how I respond. 

I recently shared a post on Instagram speaking about triggering and I got a lot of feedback on that post. I share in today’s episode about how I don’t take things personally and why it’s been such an amazing and freeing way to live. 

If you are someone out there who takes things personally and finds it difficult not to, this is definitely the episode for you. 

Enjoy it my love and as always, please feel free to reach out, share it with me, tag me on Instagram and let me know how this information has helped you!

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