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Coffee Pod|cast Episode 34 Rescued
September 01, 2019

A dark, psychological thriller or a poignant story of loss and resignation? Ali and Emma discuss 'Rescued' by Richard Holt read by Pam Nemeny. - 'Rescued' is published in What You Might Find, a collection of short stories and microfiction by Richard H...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 33 Proposal
August 12, 2019

When the personal is political. Ali and Emma discuss the impact of the marriage equality legislation on a lesbian couple in Jenni Nixon's 'Proposal' performed by Lauren Hamilton Neill. - 'Proposal' is published in Flashing The Square an anthology of m...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 32 Sea Womb
August 04, 2019

'It happens everyday and yet it is so profound.' In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss the marvel of birth and the magic of microliterature which shows us a world in so few words. Listen to Eleni Schumacher reading Christine Howe's 'Sea Womb' and join ...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 31 Morning Meeting
July 21, 2019

Do organised crime syndicates serve decent carrot cake at their planning meetings? Ali and Emma discuss Jon Steiner's satirical 'Morning Meeting' performed by Ella Watson-Russell. Includes a great creative writing exercise to try.

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 30 Menieres
July 07, 2019

The story of the opera singer who developed a hearing impairment. In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Anna Spargo-Ryan's moving piece, 'Menieres' narrated by Anni Finsterer. Got a story to share about hearing damage?