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Coffee Pod|cast Episode 41 Liebestod
December 15, 2019

Love in a feed store lost in down the rabbit-hole of time. In their final episode, Ali and Emma return to one of their favourite authors, Jon Steiner to discuss 'Liebostod' narrated by Joel Horwood. Leave your feedback on this episode or on the series ...

Coffee Pod|cast Episode 40 It Stretches Our Shape
December 09, 2019

An evocative piece which stretches the imagination. In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Tess Ridgway's 'It Stretches Our Shape' narrated by Sydney actor, Anni Finsterer. Let us know what you think, leave a comment of the Coffee Pod|cast Facebook page...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 39 Disturbance
November 16, 2019

This disturbing episode carries a domestic violence content warning. Ali and Emma discuss Susan McCreery's microfiction, 'Disturbance' narrated by Sydney actor, Alex Neal. Join the discussion about the role that literature can play in depicting thisĀ  p...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 38 Timeless Crones
October 27, 2019

Older women drinking sherry and behaving badly at funerals, weddings, parties, anything. In this episode, Ali and Emma discuss Elizabeth Hodgins' 'Timeless Crones' narrated by Ella Watson-Russell. They ask if you have any thoughts on some of the common...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 37 Particles In My Body
October 13, 2019

A surrealist microstory which is either a horror story about animal cruelty, the nightmarish abuse of a stuffed toy or just a typical breakfast in a long-term relationship. You be the judge of Lou Swinn's 'Particles In My Body' narrated by Eleni Schuma...

Coffee Pod|cast Ep 36 Over Time
September 29, 2019

Is he over his time here? Is he stuck in time? What happened in the life of this avid cyclist? What happened to the light? And why did Ali's feet suddenly start growing? In this episode of Coffee Pod|cast, Ali and Emma have a go at joining the dots in ...