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The Chemical Industry's 10 Most Significant Events Of 2021
December 28, 2021

For The Chemical Show's last episode of 2021, Victoria Meyer looks back on the most significant events of the year for the chemical industry. From the newest policies implemented, the disasters that shook the world, and the issues that made everyone rethi

Understanding TSCA And Its Impact On Chemical Regulations With Lynn Bergeson
December 14, 2021

When the Toxic Substances Control Act was updated in 2016, EPA gained authority to require chemical manufacturers and industries to submit reporting, record-keeping, and testing requirements. Since this changed the way chemicals are developed, produced, a

The Future Of Packaging: Sustainability And Digitization With Pactiv Evergreen CPO Emelia Nosser
November 30, 2021

Pactiv Evergreen is one of North America’s largest fresh food and beverage packaging suppliers, a global leader in paper packaging solutions. Joining Victoria Meyer in this episode is Emelia Nosser, Chief Procurement Officer for the company. Emelia s

Confronting Change In The Chemical Industry: Discussing Leadership And Sustainability With Patty Summers
November 16, 2021

The COVID pandemic hit many industries hard, including the chemical industry. It is now adapting, with many companies facing the changes that lie ahead. In this episode, Victoria Meyer discusses how the pandemic has reshaped the chemical industry with Zeo

How To Differentiate Your Customer Experience And Drive Your Business Value
November 02, 2021

We hear the term customer experience all the time. But what does it mean, and how far does it stretch? In this episode, Victoria Meyer defines customer experience and its role in creating value to grow your business. A transformation in the chemical indus

The Advantages Of Digital Technology In The Chemical Industry With Sebastian Brenner
October 19, 2021

Digital Technology has not yet found its way into the chemical industry on a broad scale. Victoria Meyer’s guest today, Sebastian Brenner, explains why that needs to change. Sebastian is the Managing Director of CheMondis, the leading digital marketplace

Steering Chemical Distribution Through A Pandemic With Eric Byer
October 12, 2021

The pandemic brought many challenges to smaller businesses and chemical distributors. Learn how Eric Byer, President and CEO of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), led the association and supported the chemical distribution industry,

Finance Towards Profitability: Investment Banking With Chris Mudd
October 05, 2021

Do you understand how investment banks can help chemicals companies grow? Chris Mudd, the Managing Director at Chiron Financial LLC, shares why as he joins host Victoria Meyer in this episode. Chris uncovers the mystery of investment banking and shows the

The State Of The Petrochemical Industry Post Hurricane Ida With John Stekla
September 21, 2021

With Hurricane Ida gone and the unpredictability of the weather, many people are wondering what effects hurricanes have on the chemical industry. What impacts did it have on the feedstocks, exports, and chemical workers? Join your host Victoria Meyer and

Navigating The Volatile Market Strategically With Leo Maguchi, ITOCHU
September 14, 2021

Due to the pandemic and many natural disasters in 2020-21, today's volatile markets provided a considerable amount of challenge to Leo Maguchi and his company. But even with this rocky situation, the demand is not going anywhere and must be addressed. Leo