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Sonic X Band

April 12, 2021

Sonic X comes on board. Sonic X is a Hard Rock band from Toronto, Canada. Band members Joey Greco and Joseph Cumbo join us.

Band Line-Up - Joey Greco, drums, vocals; Lawrence Falconer, guitars; Joseph Cumbo, bass

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Sonic X is a Hard Rock band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of members, Joey Greco, Lawrence Falcomer, and Joseph Cumbo.  Sonic X music consists of heavy riffs with an edge but also include memorable melodic passages that will keep you coming back for repeated listening.

The writing and musicianship in Sonic X is flawless and the production is top notch. It's hard to compare Sonic X to other bands in the Hard Rock arena as Sonic X has crafted a unique sound by combining a classic rock vibe with production and elements of modern music.

Sonic X formed in 2004 when they released their self-titled debut CD on Z Records.  The CD featured the popular song “News for You” which to this day remains one of Sonic X’s most downloaded songs. In 2007 Sonic X released their follow up CD titled THIRTEEN on Chavis Records. THIRTEEN featured the single “Seeds of Thunder” which received airplay on Sirius XM’s Breaking Bone program. THIRTEEN also included 4 bonus tracks from the Debut CD.

In 2015 Sonic X released their most popular effort, the 4 song EP titled Fall From Grace.  The EP featured the singles “Save Yourself” and “PRAY” which received significant airplay on radio, especially on Sirius XM's Octane station...the premier radio station for emerging Hard Rock music. The band later took a break from live performances to focus on writing.

In 2019 Sonic X had a change of direction with Joey Greco taking over lead vocals while original vocalist Adam Troy is on hiatus. In August 2019, Sonic X released “Leave Me Alone” their 1st single since 2015 to positive reviews.  Sonic X then released a new 5 song EP titled Fly Around the World on November 8th which also featured the follow up single aptly titled “Fly Around the World” a radio friendly song with a haunting catchy chorus that will stay with you long after listening Sonic X brings back that great feeling of what it’s like to listen to a stripped-down gritty rock song. We’re confident Sonic X will end up on your music player!

Fly Around The World is the new Single from Canada's Sonic X Band from the EP Fly Around The World. The song is about the lengths you would go for the one you love...Sonic X Band consists of Joey Greco, Lawrence Falcomer, Joseph Cumbo and Adam Troy. The new EP is the follow up to the Fall From Grace EP which was released in 2015. Hard Rock with melodic passages is the Sonic X trademark.

Sonic X Band video for "My Wonderful Life". A song about reflection.