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Coor Brow-Obles

March 30, 2021

Coor Brow-Obles & Shay talk about his new releases "History of Violence", "I Can't Sleep", and "He Doesn't Deserve You". Coor is a gifted Composer / Writer / Singer / Guitarist based in London, England, UK.

Artist Bio

Coor Brow-Obles is a South-Eastern UK based alternative musician and secret fantasy you can't tell your partner about. Multi-instrumentalist and producer,  noted for his pure voice, intelligent lyrics, strong stage presence and devilish good looks. He lays claim to the throne of The Melancholy Prince.

With Inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Placebo, The Cure, Still Corners and Björk, his music is constantly evolving and exploring the boundaries of alternative pop music. First Performing regularly at University with his punk band Turtle Circles. He enjoyed a small amount of success including an EP titled “Going In Circles”, supporting Germany’s most progressive gothic rock band “Sweet Ermengarde”. Coor has since gone solo performing acoustically and enjoying the chance to experiment with his style of music and performance. Having completed his Master’s degree in Music, Coor has since written a soundtrack for an award winning independent movie and found global success with fans in India, France and Spain.

Coor is currently working on releasing a track every 2 months, whilst also hosting a weekly Radioshow/Podcast. His first third single "A History of Violence" is out now! The next single "Macguffin Baby" will be out soon...