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thebuzzr pod

Mike and Mandy

March 22, 2021

Mike Faulkner and Amanda Pajer join us from Los Angeles, California. The talented pair write and produce from their home studio, and have released splendid music created during lockdown. They rose above the pandemic blues to refocus and pursue long-buried dreams: releasing originals from home.

When the world needs hope, these songs provide solace and release, positivity and an outlet for angst.

Their music varies from indie-rock, new-wave, electro and dream-pop, to alternative down tempo/Lo-Fi music.

Song & Video Credits - Mike and Mandy are producer-writer-husband Michael Faulkner and singer-songwriter Amanda Pajer.

After performing and making videos of a slew of covers, "Ricochet" is their debut original single. It sums up collective COVID angst and expresses it as a bumper car ride while the main character heads for rock bottom. It's the story of a single mother on a downward spiral, alongside a concerned school principal and a shady uber driver. She’s clearly headed for a crash. And we can’t help but listen.