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Lisa Richard
April 13, 2021

Tonight's show hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, Lisa Richard. Lisa is a talented country singer-songwriter. She blows away listeners with her powerful voice and soulful performances, bringing together the sounds of rock, blues and country. -

Sonic X Band
April 12, 2021

Sonic X comes on board. Sonic X is a Hard Rock band from Toronto, Canada. Band members Joey Greco and Joseph Cumbo join us. - Band Line-Up - Joey Greco, drums, vocals; Lawrence Falconer, guitars; Joseph Cumbo, bass - Bio - Source  -

Terry K &3TL
April 06, 2021

We speak to Terry Kozachenko today of Terry K &3TL. The Niagara On The Lake, Ontario area artist is up for 7 nominations at The Red Carpet Award Show in Holland, the spring of 2021. - Terry has written music for as long as he can remember.

Kolby Knickerbocker
April 05, 2021

Today we have Kolby Knickerbocker on the show. Shay & Kolby discuss his new EP Over and Over.  - Kolby hails from Bend, Oregon in the United States where he creates incredibly soulful folk music filled with tributes to community,

Coor Brow-Obles
March 30, 2021

Coor Brow-Obles & Shay talk about his new releases "History of Violence", "I Can't Sleep", and "He Doesn't Deserve You". Coor is a gifted Composer / Writer / Singer / Guitarist based in London, England, UK. - Artist Bio -

The Dead Freights
March 29, 2021

THE DEAD FREIGHTS out of Southhampton, UK are on the show to introduce the band and discuss their releases “Fever and The Thunder” and “Suffering Safari”. - This is a fun episode. The band reminds me of The Beatles in sound, attitude & character.

Mongrel Dogs
March 23, 2021

Shay chats with the Mongrel Dogs this episode. Tracks featured are "Le Chat" and "Pursuits". - Mongrel Dogs are an original rock band from London, U.K. formed in 2015 and comprising members from all around the globe. -

Mike and Mandy
March 22, 2021

Mike Faulkner and Amanda Pajer join us from Los Angeles, California. The talented pair write and produce from their home studio, and have released splendid music created during lockdown. They rose above the pandemic blues to refocus and pursue long-bur...

March 19, 2021

We have indie artist Evan Adams from Woodstock, New York, United States. We discuss the Heavybird project, showcasing his incredible new album PINE TREES & THE FAINT SOUND OF BUZZING - released March 19, 2021. -

March 18, 2021

Today we have Echoviolet on the show! James Whiteley, Guitar & Vocals, and Rowan Minnis join Shay to discuss their music, and the upcoming album. - Hailing from West Yorkshire, Echoviolet are a four-piece alternative rock band formed in 2019.