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The Bud Zone

The Bud Zone Podcast - With Dr. Peter Sammons & Rochadd Hendrix

February 16, 2022

On this episode of The Bud Zone Podcast, Bud is joined by Dr. Peter Sammons and “THE” Rochadd Hendrix for a lively discussion of numerous theological topics.  Dr. Sammons is Associate Professor of Theology at The Master’s Seminary and General Editor of The Master’s Seminary Journal.  He is also author of the recent book Reprobation And God’s Sovereignty.  A lively and edifying conversation ensues across an array of important theological issues including reprobation, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the issue of the eternal subordination of the Son.

Dr. Sammon’s book Reprobation And God’s Sovereignty: Recovering A Biblical Doctrine is available from numerous booksellers.

In addition to Dr. Sammon’s highly recommended new book, the following books were also recommended on this episode:

The Pastor Theologian: Resurrecting An Ancient Vision by Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson

The Son Who Learned Obedience: A Theological Case Against The Eternal Subordination of the Son by D. Glenn Butner, Jr.




The opening Puritan Paragraph on The Bud Zone is by Tom Sullivan, The Narrated Puritan.  He may be found on SermonAudio HERE.  Tom’s website,, may be found HERE.


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