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The Bud Zone

The Bud Zone Podcast With Pastor Tedd Mathis

September 23, 2021

Faith and joy in chaotic times:  Pastor Tedd Mathis of Pueblo West Baptist Church, Pueblo West, CO joins Bud for an encouraging and joyful discussion about faith and faithfulness in these chaotic times.

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For more information on Pueblo West Baptist Church, please visit their website HERE or at

If you would like to be added to Pastor Tedd's daily "Texts From Tedd," please send a text message to him at 719-371-0567 requesting to be added.

For information concerning the upcoming GraceAlone Colorado Conference, please visit the Conference Website HERE or at

In the conversation with Bud, Pastor Tedd mentioned the helpful work of Founders Ministries and their documentary on the dangers of critical race theory/intersectionality.  Get more information on this ministry HERE or at  The documentary "By What Standard" by Founders Ministries may be found HERE.

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