The Bright Side with Kevin & Jason

The Bright Side with Kevin & Jason

#70 – The Worst Half-Off Special You’ve Ever Heard Of

February 12, 2020

If the news has you down, this episode is sure to cure what ails you!*

Ah, modern medicine. A pill for everything, marijuana on demand, and the sweet release of anesthetic oblivion for anything more invasive than a teeth cleaning. Medicine wasn't always so accommodating, however.

This week, the guys slice into the story of Dr. Robert Liston, the "Fastest Knife in the West End," who could amputate a limb in a matter of seconds in a time before anesthesia, when every moment under the knife was sheer agony for the patient. Never mind that the occasional assistant's finger and/or patient's testicles were accidentally removed along with the intended limbs; Liston was working too fast to worry about such little details!


*Call your doctor if you experience nausea, vomiting, hilarity, euphoria, awe, or a sudden urge to reach into your phone and strangle Kevin and Jason.