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How Bad is Dungeons and Dragons (2000)
March 22, 2023

In the year 2000, Jeremy Irons tried to take over the world with 2000's Dungeons and Dragons. The box office rolled a crit 1 and died... but can it get a saving through with a nat 20? Or does it truly

How Bad is Leprechaun 2?
March 17, 2023

Last year, the crew of The Bottom Shelf took on the horrifying task of reviewing 1993's Leprechaun... Today they must take the next step and review it's sequel.... Leprechaun 2! Do they give this horr

How Bad is Cooties?
February 21, 2023

In 2014 Elijah Wood left the shire and went to work at a local School... but discovered the dangers of cooties... This was generally reconized as a bad idea, especially by film critics. But is it bett

How Bad is Resident Evil?
February 08, 2023

In 2002, Milla Jovovich played a character that was looking for a "MULTIPASS" out of a very scary situation. Some suggest she should have found a multipass out of Resident Evil all together. But is it

How bad is G-Saviour?
December 21, 2022

In 1999, Sunrise put together a multimedia event meant to celebrate 20 years of the franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam. Part of this celebrations a live action movie called, "G-Saviour." Was this live acti

How Bad is Robot Jox?
December 07, 2022

In 1989 Stuart Gordon had a dream of giant robots fighting amid a cold war era. Critically it failed but is it better than what the critics say? Or does it truly belong on, The Bottom Shelf? - Websit

How bad is Street Fighter (1994)?
November 30, 2022

In 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme stepped on to a set that some say he was missing in action more than the last action hero they needed. But there was no retreat and no surrender when it came to completin

A discussion on Suicide, Depression and the loss of Jason David Frank
November 21, 2022

This is a very somber bonus episode featuring a cross post of the podcast Comm Talk by Geek Devotions. Join us as Dallas discusses the loss of actor Jason David Frank as well as the topics of depressi

How Bad Is Super Mario Bros from 1993?
November 16, 2022

In 1993, Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo took up the mantle of Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Critically this movie failed. Some would say it's an insult to childhood joy. Join the crew of The Bottom She

How Bad is The Dead Don’t Die
October 26, 2022

In 2019 Jim Jarmusch put out a music video to Sturgill Simpson's "The Dead Don't Die." Wait... that's not right... OH no he put out a movie called The Dead Don't Die and critics were dying for it to