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2024 Knee Replacement? Start Here.
December 09, 2023

If you have a 2024 Knee Replacement planned or just in the back of your mind... this is the article for you. Get all the information you need here.

Pat’s Knee Recovery with X10 Therapy
December 08, 2023

Pat's Knee Recovery with X10 Therapy | X10 Therapy is on the job for Pat for his total knee replacement recovery in the state of Michigan.

Protective Muscle Guarding
December 04, 2023

At the most basic level guarding occurs when your therapist pushes your knee one way and you push right back, negating his attempt to help you gain flexibility as you try to protect yourself. This is called Protective Muscle Guarding.

Frank’s Unbendable Knee Two Years Later
October 01, 2023

Amazed, stunned, and speechless, hope rising up in my heart, as a whole new sense of whats possible for people struggling with those sticky knees for YEARS.

Knee Replacement Pain Management (Part One)
September 23, 2023

Being in control of rehab, being in control of when to push further keeps you calm. It keeps you relaxed because if you do tense up, you're going to fight against yourself.

2500 Miles For Knee Recovery
September 04, 2023

2,500 Miles For Knee Recovery, Rick's incredible story of recovery from total knee replacement. Sometimes it takes great lengths to get that knee to bend.

Preparing for Knee Surgery (with PTA Yvonne LaCrosse)
August 14, 2023

There are many things you can do prior to surgery to help yourself be as prepared as possible and therefore help to make your recovery process as easy as possible. This is a must listen for anyone with a knee surgery upcoming.

Avoid MUA 12 Weeks Post Surgery (Dianne’s Story)
June 15, 2023

Avoid MUA 12 Weeks Post Surgery (Dianne's Story) | From X10 Therapy | Available in 20 states solving difficult knee surgery recoveries.

Avoid Manipulation Under Anesthesia (12-weeks after knee replacement)
May 11, 2023

Avoid Manipulation Under Anesthesia (12-weeks after knee replacement). Dianne in Oklahoma, facing MUA after her knee replacement... avoids it with X10.

LAPD – Back on the Job After A Long Knee Recovery
April 03, 2023

LAPD - Back on the Job After A Long Knee Recovery. The Bee's Knees Podcast covers surgeons, patients, physical therapists all working together to recover from knee surgery.