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The Authors Show

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Broken But Not Forsaken, by Cherika Shields
June 16, 2024

A transformative journey that takes you from the

The Base, by Dante
June 10, 2024

From the most Top Secret military base in the c

The Blue Butterfly, by Leslie Johansen Nack
June 04, 2024

New York 1915, Marion Davies is a shy eighteen-ye

He Wouldnt Let Me Die, by Wytisha Williams-Merrill
May 21, 2024

Young girl sexually abused by biological father.S

Escaping Limbo, by Mike F. Elliott
May 21, 2024

ESCAPING LIMBO is a 71,000 coming-of-age story se

January 6: A Novel, by Norman Brewer
May 19, 2024

The day democracy was assaulted...Protesters at t

The Rain Falls on the Just & the Unjust, by Donna Louis
May 17, 2024

As much as Christians or believers of God would l

Marked, by L.R.W. Lee
May 14, 2024

From USA Today bestselling author L. R. W. Lee, M

Every Other Weekend, by Anthony J. Mohr
May 13, 2024

Anthonys father, Gerald Mohr, is a well-known ra

Pain, Pumpernickel & Profound Forgiveness, by Rosanne D'Ausilio
May 01, 2024

An intimate and soul-searching chronicle of Rosan