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The Theatre of U

Spotlight on Enrique Hank Feldman - Choosing Happy

September 08, 2020

It's not everyday you get to interview a 2-time Grammy Nominated Composer and Artist but today I did! Enrique Hank Feldman is a fascinating community builder with over 30 years experience as a public speaker, educator, author who is the Founder and Director of Learning for the non profit education organization, the Global Learning Foundation (GLF).

Enrique's educational focus is to help adults elevate their practice related to how they learn, love and live, by learning how to use different Art Forms and connecting them organically to academic and social-emotional growth. His work spans from early childhood to elders for memory care, and working adults and youth related to coping with and overcoming depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

In this episode he answers questions 2,7,51,13 ad 14 from the Cards for Uniqueness where he discusses dancing, music, brain games, composing, being bilingual and much much more!
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