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The Theatre of U

Spotlight on David Wayne - from Geek to Guru

December 18, 2019

Are you an introvert? One of the quiet achievers trying to get your message out there?

Then this week's podcast interview with David Wayne may be time well spent listening.

David has run more than 1,000 workshops to more than 10,000 managers and leaders in more than 400 organisations in 6 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

In that time, he has consistently noticed that “technically-minded”, often introverts – the “Quiet Achievers –are not given the opportunity to reach their full potential because they have not learned how to find their voice. David has unpacked what he has learned from being an introverted leader who has had to find his voice into a series of programs to help other introverts to do the same. In a sentence, David helps managers and leaders go “From Geeks to Guru”, the title of his book, being released in 2020.

Tune in to hear David answer #3,7,18, 19, 27 from the Cards for Uniqueness.

You can find out more about David at