The Theatre of U

The Theatre of U

TOU 118: Spotlight on Graeme Fitzgerald

November 11, 2019

Graeme Fitzgerald has spent 30 years in the steel and manufacturing industry working for some of Australia's most enterprising companies, Now he helps others attain manufacturing mastery.

Kind of a business advisor, business coach Graeme prefers to be known as a Manufacturing Growth Specialist, who believes that from the culture you create for your people to the processes that underpin your everyday operations and the financial approaches that work best for you, leads to the success of a sustainable business. 

Tune in to hear more about Graeme's approach to helping businesses, our joint love of meditation and his answers to the questions from the Cards for Uniqueness  - 7, 11, 22 34, 45.

Find out more about Graeme and Lead C.I. here