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The Theatre of U

TOU 97: Spotlight on Andrew Hughes - Trusting the Knowing

September 09, 2018

Andrew began his professional career as a chartered accountant with KPMG Peat Marwick in the late 80s and witnessed the impact and the excesses of poor corporate leadership firsthand, working on the administration/winding up of a number of high profile Australian companies, including LJ Hooker, Alan Bond's companies and Spedleys. He also experienced the demoralising impact of a large process driven and depersonalised bureaucracy.
He then became a criminal lawyer before joining a large national law firm making partner at age 35.

Following the birth of his 4th child during a meditation Andrew had a knowing that would change his life and career trajectory forever. He knew he had to quit law and so hung up his suit and silk tie to train as a coach and clinical practitioner of NLP.

Today Andrew incorporates cutting edge accelerated change techniques using the latest discoveries in neuroscience and human behaviour along with a grounded certainty in sitting with your stuff, meditating and trusting the knowing.

During this podcast Andrew selects cards #1, 12, 23, 42 and 50 from the Cards for Uniqueness. Tune in to listening to this interesting interview.

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