The Theatre of U

The Theatre of U

TOU 25: Spotlight on Margie Warrell

January 03, 2017

The Theatre of U, is a show all about celebrating people who are rocking their UQ (Unique Intelligence), have stepped into their own uniqueness and are playing a starring role in their own show.

Today I am excited to introduce you to BRAVE Margie Warrell. On today's Margie drew the cards #13, 15, 17, 18, 50 from the Cards for Uniqueness, Against the Ordinary.

Margie is a country girl at heart, born and raised the big sister of seven on a dairy farm in rural Victoria. She's passionate about making the very most of life and helping others do the same. An author and speaker, Margie is also a mum to four teenage kids and has been married for over twenty years. You can find out more about Margie, her books and live retreats at her website.

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