The Theatre of U

The Theatre of U

TOU 21: Spotlight on Unique Loretta Honeychurch

December 06, 2016

Hi and welcome to another episode of the Theatre of U. A show all about celebrating people who are rocking their UQ.

This week's spotlight is on none other than Loretta Honeychurch ( human behaviour and transformation specialist and trainer, a teacher and coach. She is also the founder of MiE Institute.  An International Company created to bring positive change in the workplace by  specialising in behavioural Change, self empowerment, HR and Business Coaching and Training.  

Dedicated to helping people be the best they can be, on today's show Loretta chose #2, 11, 13, 32 and 29 from the Cards for Uniqueness deck and shared all about how stress makes people do crazy things, how people are not their behaviour and her mission to end and resolve bullying in the workplace. 

She's a woman with x-ray vision, is a little weird, a values driven person and loves helping people become more self aware. Tune in for a fun and free flowing interview.

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time remember if you want to change the world all you have to do is #startwithU