The Theatre of U

The Theatre of U

TOU 18: Spotlight on Unique Tim Rossi

November 15, 2016

Welcome to another episode of the Theatre of U. A show all about celebrating people who are rocking their UQ.  I’m your host Heidi Alexandra Joy and I’m delighted to have you join me today.

Today's spotlight is being shone on an amazing and unique guy hailing from Sydney and whom I met on Sir Richard Branson's private island last year - Tim Rossi (

Tim was born In Sydney at the top end of a large family.. He has 8... Yes 8 sisters and only 1 brother. Tim's mum at age 92, chats online etc with her 10 kids, 48 Grand children and 22 and growing great grand children!

Tim graduated with a Bachelor Commerce from UNSW but already had 3 years part time experience as a junior at Australia's first investment bank. So when he joined Hill Samuel in the early 70s (which later morphed into Macquarie Bank.) he hit the ground running hard. Tim quickly grew money market teams to trade anything that moved and was within the first batch of directors at the bank.

Their entrepreneurial spirit let to designing phone, screen technology, comms systems and accounting processes allowing them to bring new financial products to markets and award winning wholesale banking processes to the public.

One of these, The Macquarie Cash Management Trust, grew to have $17 Billion under management with thousands of smaller investors able to achieve Hugh returns with bank safety.

Tim resigned from Macquarie to attend the Harvard Business School, work in NYC and he later returned to Sydney as the CEO of Australia's first listed Stock and Futures Broker. In 2000 he launched Symphony Leadership -an executive and team coach and Systems facilitator. Symphony facilitates senior teams from both the big end of town as well as growth organisations to harness the collective power of team members to solve their challenges and thrive.

Tim is also the chair of NSW Leaders -supporting start ups and growth organisations to gain support from networks and mentors with experience, contacts and financial resources.

Tune in to hear Tim answer questions 49, 42, 35, 28, and 21 from the Cards for Uniqueness: Against the Ordinary deck of cards and share all about his sweet tooth, his infectious laugh, swimming, surfing and nature loving and why the kitchen is his favourite room in the house.

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time remember if you want to change the world all you have to do is #startwithU