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The Next Chapter Of My Show, Rumble v YouTube, Locals | Anniversary Stream! | Episode 251
March 27, 2023

The Andres Segovia Show: Year Four! Tune in as I looking back at the journey, the obstacles overcome, and what's in-store for the next chapter of the show! #RumbleTakeover #Locals #MugClub

Walkthrough Of & My Community! | Episode 250
March 24, 2023

Check out and sign up for my Locals Community for exclusive content today! #Locals #RumbleTakeover

Talking TRUMP WON & Career Moves With Singer Natasha Owens! | Episode 249
March 21, 2023

Today, I am joined by Contemporary music singer and songwriter Natasha Owens to talk about her smash-hit single Trump Won, her recent career moves, and her music journey.Trump Won Song: Nata

The Same Media That Said Not To Buy A Home, Now Want You To Buy | Episode 248
March 13, 2023

There's something interesting in the news cycle regarding homebuying: Homeownership is being encouraged.That's great! Wait a minute. This is the same media that said NOT to buy a home when it was more accessible years ago with record low interest rates.

Is The Trump vs DeSantis Infighting All For Naught? | Episode 247
March 06, 2023

Trump v DeSantis stuff shouldn't be a thing, but it is. It's divided Conservatives.And this incident is turning into a PR nightmare for DeSantis.Still, I recommend you watch for yourself and decide.@TheAndresSegovia across the socials.Show notes at

TweetDeck, The Powerful Twitter Tool You're NOT Using | Episode 246
February 27, 2023

In this episode, I go a walkthrough of the Twitter tool: TweetDeck. It's the best way to experience Twitter if you're researcher or live on Twitter.This walkthrough is of the beta release of TweetDeck. If your interface looks different than mine, it's be

Too Much News, Not Enough Time | Episode 245
February 20, 2023

Here's an informal podcast update about all the goings on behind the scenes!The show notes are moving to The Blog!Across The Socials @TheAndresSegovia

Los Angeles Legislative Update For Investment Property Owners | Episode 244
February 13, 2023

Full Seminar: Dennis Block, Esq. | The Law Firm of Dennis Block and Associates. Presented by The Apartments Owners Association Of Californiawww.AOAUSA.comL.A. City OrdinanceL.A. County OrdinanceDetermine the "Fai

Local Broker REACTS To Heat (1995) Behind-The-Scenes Documentary | Episode 243
February 06, 2023

This reacts episode has been a long time coming but LOCALS saw it first. Join my community today for early access to episodes and exclusive content!On this episode, I react to HEAT: Return To The Scene Of the Crime behind-the-scenes documentary. It was a

Federal Rent Control Coming Soon? | Episode 242
January 30, 2023

And there you have it. The Federal government is getting involved in facilitating the government takeover of private property. California is bad enough with a statewide rent cap and an increasing number of cities installing strict rental stabilization ord