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PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Schedule Update | Episode 167
July 26, 2021

The production schedule got turned on its head! Find out why and what's in store in the coming weeks! Go to www.TheAndresSegovia for show notes and more content.

An Open Letter To #FreedomPhone | Episode 166
July 16, 2021

Trust but verify. Go to for show notes and more content.

My REACTION To The Freedom Phone "Release!" | Episode 165
July 14, 2021

The Freedom Phone claims to be the best phone in the world. I have questions. Go to for show notes and more content.

Reviewing The Tomorrow War! | Episode 164
July 13, 2021

Is The Tomorrow War original? No. Is The Tomorrow War enjoyable? YES. Go to for show notes and more content!

Local Broker REACTS To #LWC Why CA Is A Failed State | Episode 163
July 05, 2021

Andres FINALLY get to react to a Louder With Crowder episode on his show! It couldn't be more timely! For show notes and more content, go to

Federal Eviction And Mortgage Moratoriums EXTENDED | Episode 162
June 29, 2021

Federal Eviction and Mortgage Moratoriums Extended Despite them being deemed unconstitutional by a federal court, the Federal Eviction Moratorium was extended. California updates also on this episod

Of Homelessness & Housing Affordability | Episode 161
June 28, 2021

Any progress on Los Angeles' HHH Program? What about housing affordability? What's the State doing about it? Andres addresses these questions and more on this episode. For all resources mentioned, go

What's This About A California Eviction Tsunami? | Episode 160
June 22, 2021

Here's a quick take on the upcoming June 30th statewide eviction moratorium expiration. For resources, go to

The Los Angeles Homelessness Crisis | Episode 159
June 21, 2021

In the efforts to Fix California, we cannot overlook perhaps the biggest economic crisis plaguing California's major cities: Homelessness. Years ago, Angelinos approved $1 billion to house the homeless. On this episode, looks back at where the results...

Discussing Solutions To #FixCalifornia With Gubernatorial Candidate Diego Martinez | Episode 158
June 14, 2021

The Recall Election is happening, but whether or not Californians are successful in ousting Gavin Newsom, there will still be a choice to be made 2022 to replace him with a real leader. Today's guest, Diego Martinez, is campaigning to earn your...