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My Top 5 Social Media Accounts & Show Schedule Update| Episode 234
November 21, 2022

I'm a proponent of being on as many platforms as possible. And so I am. Plus, book tour announcement and show schedule changes for The Holidays! My top 5 Active Accounts Instagram: My main platform where I do behind-the-scenes updates, commentary, memes,

Pixel 7 Pro, CalyxOS, Google Smart Home Annoyances, Tech Review Previews | Episode 233
November 14, 2022

Contrarian. Motivator. Demotivator.Podcaster talking all things Tech & Real Estate over coffee.#TheAndresSegovia #pixel7pro #calyxos*****Like. Share. Follow. Subscribe!  Join My Locals Community: https://theandressegoviashow.loc

A Veterans Day Reflection
November 11, 2022

To all those that have served, thank you for your service! Contrarian. Motivator. Demotivator.Podcaster talking all things Tech & Real Estate over coffee.#TheAndresSegovia #veteransday *****Like. Share. Follow. Subscribe!

Why The Benghazi Attacks Are Personal To Me: A Reflection | Episode 232
November 07, 2022

The Benghazi terrorist attacks are mired in political controversy. Caught in the middle of the mudslinging are those that were there and lived to tell the story. Years later, still no justice for the victims. I share their frustration. ***** ✔️Like. ✔️Sha

Ranking The BEST Diet Fads With Shana Leigh! | Episode 231
October 31, 2022

Shana and Andres rank the best diet fad for you!*****Like. Share. Follow. Subscribe! Listen On Spotify For Exclusive Audio Content: Instagram:

The Chosen Book Of Mormon? | Episode 230
October 25, 2022

Dallas Jenkins is under heavy criticism about a quote that sounds oddly familiar to something found in The Book of Mormon.The Locals Community saw this first! Want in? Join My Locals Community:*****Like.

The Benghazi Attacks: 10 Years Later, The Saga Continues (ft. Dave "Boon" Benton & CIA Targeter Sarah Adams) | Episode 229
October 24, 2022

My special guest today are the co-authors of the new book Benghazi: Know Thy Enemy Sarah Adams and Dave "Boon" Benton. Boon is best known as one of the GRS operators that ignored a "stand-down" order to save Americans in danger during the September 11, 20

Local Elections Matter! Featuring Mindy Salinas, Chairwoman of The OCHRC | Episode 228
October 17, 2022

Mindy Salinas, Chairwoman of the Orange County Hispanic Republican Club, joins me to talk about local races, candidate endorsements, and Getting Out The Vote!       View this profile on Instagram    &nbsp

Your Guide To The 2022 California Ballot Measures | Episode 227
October 14, 2022

Here's your cheat sheet for the Propositions and certain measures on the Ballot in California this election.Vote NO on everything!Would you like to know more? Then tune into today's episode!*****Like. Share. Follow. Subscribe! Listen On Spot

Talking Cartoons, Faith, & God With Splat Rabbit Artist Creator BeeZ Tollinger! | Episode 226
October 10, 2022

BeeZ Tollinger is an artist and creator of the Splat Rabbit comic strip on Instagram. He's a strong Christian unafraid to speak The Truth. Tune in as we discuss his comic strip, the origin story, and faith.        View t