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Nationalize Fossil Fuel to Fight Climate Change and Inflation – Bob Pollin
January 20, 2022

By purchasing controlling interest of the major American fossil fuel companies, the federal government can phase out fossil fuels, transition to sustainable energy, and enforce a lower price of oil which will alleviate inflationary pressures. Bob Pollin j

Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam – Martin Luther King
January 17, 2022

On April 30, 1967, Martin Luther King delivered an anti-Vietnam War speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Titled, Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam, King speaks out on America's involvement in the war connecting it to economic injust

Kazakhstani Chessboard – Part 2 – From Spontaneous Demos to Rampant Riots
January 14, 2022

What exactly happened last week in Kazakhstan? This is a question that many people have. Was this a genuine protest, or a western-led American jab in Russia's soft underbelly? Was this a working-class movement or yet another post-Soviet attempt at a color

Kazakhstani Chessboard – Part 1 – The Setting
January 13, 2022

Were the events in Kazakhstan a popular workers uprising, a "Colored Revolution", or a manifestation of power struggles within the Kazakh establishment? Or all of the above? The Barricade's Boyan Stanislavski and Maria Cernat discuss the general political

In 2020, Trump Propped Up His Rural Vote with Massive Subsidies to Agribusiness – Tom Ferguson Pt 4/4
January 13, 2022

The Trump administration engineered one of the most remarkable agricultural political business cycles in American history. Tom Ferguson joins Paul Jay on

Fossil Fuel and Private Equity Love Trump – Thomas Ferguson Pt 3/4
January 12, 2022

Big oil, coal and parasitical private equity corps highly favored Trump and the GOP in 2020 - and likely will again. Thomas Ferguson joins Paul Jay on

Jan 6th: The Real Threat is Christian Nationalism in the Military – Mikey Weinstein
January 11, 2022

The events of Jan 6th were the last gasp of a failed Trump coup, fuelled by the power of Christian extremists in the military and Congress. Their objective is a form of Christian authoritarianism, and they are planning for an open fight in 2024 or sooner.

Is Biden Risking War by Pushing Taiwan Independence? – Larry Wilkerson
January 05, 2022

With Biden increasingly treating Taiwan as an independent country, is he provoking a military response from China that could go nuclear? Larry Wilkerson joins Paul Jay on

Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change
January 05, 2022

Witnesses testified on how the greenhouse effect will change the global climate system and possible solutions.”

Burying Neoliberalism in Chile
December 31, 2021

Gabriel Boric was elected president of Chile on December 20th - probably the most leftist president Chile has elected since Salvador Allende in 1970. Boric promised that while Chile was neoliberalism's birthplace under Dictator Pinochet, it will now be ne