Wildly Human: A Human Design Podcast

Wildly Human: A Human Design Podcast

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15: The Art of Money Dates with Bari Tessler
May 09, 2023

My teacher and mentor, Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist and Founder of The Art of Money, takes us through her personal and professional journey to becoming a Financial Therapist, her unique (and effective) somatic approach to money work, and Money Dates

14: Aquarian Business & Leveraged Income To Avoid Burnout with Arihia Sun
April 18, 2023

Why do business owners face burnout? What's the difference between passive income and leveraged income? How can we bring our Genius to life? We also talk about how we're not designed to work alone, as well as "Aquarian Business" and why

13: The Enneagram and Money with Courtney Pinkerton
November 02, 2022

How can we work with our Enneagram type to free ourselves from unconscious restrictions and patterns in relationship to money? Enneagram teacher and author of the book The Flourish Formula, Courtney Pinkerton, shares more.  We also talk about how Hu

Ep 12: Healing Money Trauma, Relationships + Human Design
October 26, 2022

In this solo episode we're talking about money stories, relationships, and the work that I've been doing with nervous system healing as a way of healing patterns, triggers, and traumas around money.    Resources mentioned: The Myth

Ep 11: Astrocartography and Soul Travel with Ellie Cleary
June 02, 2022

Ellie Cleary (Human Design Reflector) shares all about astrocartography, her travels to India, where her soul feels most at home, and some words of wisdom for other Reflectors (that I think applies to everyone, really :)) I also share a bit about my astro

Ep 10: Why We’re Designed For Human Connection: An Interview with Lily Potter
July 18, 2019

Lily Potter, Certified Inner Mammal Specialist, and I discuss why we need human connection. In this episode, we’re looking at it from a brain-based perspective and from a Human Design perspective.

Ep 9: Your Personality Profile (Find Out What Those Numbers Mean!)
June 27, 2019

Your Personality Profile (Find Out What Those Numbers Mean!)

Ep 8: Human Design Weather Report for the Collective - May 27-June 2019
May 30, 2019

Where archetypal astrology meets the human experience meets you fulfilling your dreams this month. Reflections on planetary transits and what that means for the collective consciousness and YOUR life.

Ep 7: Discovering Your Inner Authority
May 15, 2019

Discover what your unique “Authority” means on your Human Design chart and how using this inner authority vs. looking for answers outside of yourself brings you so much more ease in life.

Ep 6: Human Design Weather Report for the Collective - May 2019
May 08, 2019

Human Design synthesizes astrology and archetypal cosmology and the grounds it into the human experience. In this episode we go over the collective energy were all working with this month.