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The Year Episode 12: Gracious Destiny
November 07, 2019

6th November 1919: Gracious Destiny   On 6th November 1919 it was officially announced that a British team of scientists led by Dr Eddington had proved Einstein’s theory of relativity. In this episode Einstein comes up with an appropriate way to celebrat.

The Year Episode 11: FFion the Fireworm
October 03, 2019

September 1919 / The Great War grants Ffion the firewoman a new life   The great war marked a great upheaval for British women. Two million of them were drafted in to do jobs that previously had been the exclusive preserve of men. At the end of the war m.

The Year Episode 10: Game of Thrones
July 12, 2019

My podcast, The Year each month tells a story from exactly 100 years ago. This month Lawrence of Arabia swaps his camel for a GIANT World War One bomber which flies him away from the Paris Peace Conference and back to the Middle East. He survives a fatal.

The Year Episode 9: Denied a lifetime
June 13, 2019

June 1919: Denied a lifetime   Ho Chi Minh battled for 50 years to free his native land, Vietnam, from foreign domination. First defeating the Japanese, then the French, and then battling the Americans. That journey started 100 years ago in Paris at the .

The Year Episode 8: John Morris's Indian Holiday
May 06, 2019

170 years ago in 1839 Britain invaded Afghanistan commencing the 1st Anglo Afghan war. 100 years ago, on 6th May 1919 the third Anglo-Afghan war began, which led to the Afghans finally gaining independence and control of their foreign policy. 40 years ag.

The Year Episode 7: Bullitt and the Bolsheviks
April 09, 2019

This month’s podcast is about missed opportunities. Allen Dulles, a privileged young American diplomat who later became the most influential director of the CIA, decides to go on a date rather than meet Lenin the night before he is sent to Russia by the .

The Year Episode 6: The Soldier Queen
March 06, 2019

On the 6th March 1919, The Soldier Queen, the Scottish born Queen Marie of Romania, pulled into the Gare du Nord greeted by rapturous applause from a huge crowd of well-wishers. Known as a great beauty and social celebrity with a keen sense of fashion, s.

The Year Episode 5: Clemenceau The Tiger
February 16, 2019

This month’s episode goes inside the mind of George Clemenceau, the tough French 77 year old prime minister determined to make Germany pay for the devastation of World War One, and weaken it so much that it could never again threaten France. On this day .

The Year Episode 4: Piłsudski & de Wiart
January 25, 2019

Dedicated to the memory of Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk, November 1998 - January 2019   After 123 year of being shackled under foreign domination, with even her language banned, Poland is reborn into a dangerous and chaotic world, trying to unify thr.

The Year Episode 3: Dr. Stephens & The Spanish Flu
December 07, 2018

The Spanish Flu didnt come from Spain, but wartime censorship elsewhere meant that Spain was the only country in Europe openly reporting deaths from the worlds worst ever pandemic virus. At the end