Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

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Trauma-Informed Writing Transforms You and Your Words, with Michelle Stiffler
February 01, 2023

Today we're exploring a topic that every writer is going to want to tune in and learn about: a trauma-informed approach to writing. To speak to that, I've invited Michelle Stiffler on the show to h

What’s Your Christmas Reflection?
December 22, 2022

I hosted a virtual Christmas party in my membership program, Your Platform Matters (YPM). At the party I encouraged a writing exercise: Christmas Reflections. I asked these writers to close the

AI writing tools keep getting better. How can writers keep up? (Interview with ChatGPT)
December 15, 2022

AI writing apps, programs, and tools are all over the news. People are reacting. Theyre writing articles and opinion pieces, they're recording podcasts, they're discussing it in Twitter threads. S

Do You Need Stephen King’s Pencil?
December 01, 2022

People wonder about Stephen Kings pencil. Writers (including me) want to know what writing instrument he uses. Why? Maybe we all harbor a secret hope that if we get the same pencil as Stephen

How to Make Time to Write and Develop a System to Take Notes, with Bryan Collins
October 05, 2022

Bryan Collins relies on a simple system that captures notes and ideas that flow directly into his projects when he sits down to write. His writing routine doesn't take all day yet achieves signific

Poetry as a Playful and Pleasurable Creative Practice, with Mark McGuinness
September 07, 2022

With inspiration from Mark McGuinness, you'll integrate poetry into your writing life as a pleasurable practice that elevates your prose. In this interview, Mark describes the vision for his podcas

Try This Writing Prompt to Get the Creative Juices Flowing!
August 25, 2022

Writers working on projects that are destined to be publishedto be readcan struggle with nerves. We edit our words before they have a chance to breathe on the page. We hold back our true feel

Prepare for Publishing with Insights from Literary Agent Lucinda Halpern
May 24, 2022

Literary agent Lucinda Halpern prepares us to navigate the industry and prepare for publishing. With her insights, we'll position our projectand ourselves as authorsto pitch agents and get noticed.

What’s a Writing Coach (and what kind do I need)?
February 08, 2022

Have you ever wondered what a writing coach is? As you can imagine, I get asked this a lot. I mean, it is baked into my branding, and I love sharing insights I've gained over my years of coaching.

Find Your Book Midwife, Say “Yes” Before You’re Ready, Pitch to Build Platform, and Authentically Engage with Readers (interview with author Clarissa Moll)
December 16, 2021

For author Clarissa Moll, hiring a writing coach was like finding her book midwife, and she urges writers to seek that kind of intimate, knowledgeable support and input for their own writing and publi