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Cultivating Sisterhood
June 12, 2021

Episode 89–Cultivating Sisterhood   The Working Woman Radio Show invited teacher and professional storyteller, LaDoris Bias-Davis, into the studio to talk about cultivating sisterhood amongst women. LaDoris shared how her parents encouraged and nurture...

Financial Advice Before the Divorce
June 02, 2021

Episode 88–Financial Advice Before the Divorce   Mindy Pillow, the owner of the Pillow Law Firm, talks about the importance of women getting financial advice before the divorce. Statistics show about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United St...

The Work-From-Home Wardrobe
May 29, 2021

Episode 87–The Work-From-Home Wardrobe   Although the pandemic is ending and things are starting to go back to normal, the work-from-home wardrobe will be an important skill to perfect, since working from home is not going anywhere.

Working While Disabled
May 22, 2021

Episode 86–Working While Disabled The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with Abigail Paul, who was recently diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, to talk about working while disabled. Mrs. Paul, a Registered Behavior Technician,

A Conversation with Lizbeth Dison
May 13, 2021

Episode 85–A Conversation with Lizbeth Dison   The Working Woman Radio Show had a conversation with Lizbeth Dison, publisher of ‘Our Town DeKalb’ about the good news she brings to the community. Ms. Dison talks about the journey that led her to becomin...

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts
May 07, 2021

Episode 84–Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts   Do you want to know what the top 10 Mother’s Day gifts are for the working woman? The Working Woman Radio Show gives you the 411 in this episode. Motherhood, by its very nature, is work,

Continuing a Legacy
May 01, 2021

Episode 83–Continuing A Legacy   Continuing a legacy can be a very difficult thing to do, but Elizabeth Omilami, daughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams, has accomplished it. The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with Ms. Omilami,

Exercising for Life
April 24, 2021

Episode 82–Exercising for Life   The Working Woman Radio Show invited, personal trainer and owner of InclusIF Fitness, Patrice Peters, into the studio to talk about exercising for life. Ms. Peters talked about the benefits of regular exercise and how i...

Thriving After Breast Cancer
April 16, 2021

Episode 81–Thriving After Breast Cancer   Is thriving after breast cancer possible? The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with breast cancer survivor, Amanda Collier-Rittenhouse, and she said that it is indeed possible. Ms.

Making A Difference
April 08, 2021

Episode 80–Making a Difference The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with Ms. Derrica Williams, the president of the DeKalb National Council of Negro Women, to talk about how she and her organization are making a difference.