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Find Your Passion
September 16, 2020

Episode 52–Find Your Passion   We often hear people talk about wanting to ‘find their passion’, but how do you really make that happen? How does one go about finding out where their passions lie? What are some practical steps that they can take to expl...

Make Time to Date
September 02, 2020

Episode 50–Make Time to Date The responsibilities of work and managing a family can be a real challenge for couples that want to make time to date. Because many women work outside the house, at least part-time,

Build Your Brand
August 26, 2020

Episode 49–Build Your Brand   Finding ways to build your brand and increase and sales is the number one concern for every business owner. Lori Manns, CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, shares tips on how to take your marketing strategies from bust ...

Unwind and Relax!
August 19, 2020

Episode 48–Relax and Unwind As working women, we all live such busy lives, and it can be hard to find time to unwind and relax. So the other day I got on Facebook and asked my women friends what they do to relax and unwind.

Cook Quick, Easy Meals
August 12, 2020

Episode 47–Cook Quick, Easy Meals   Families are eating at home more now than ever, and many working moms are looking for ways to cook quick, easy meals for their families. Adrianna Cauthen, our resident chef,

Managing Your Mental Health
August 05, 2020

Episode 46–Managing Your Mental Health   Managing your mental health can be a real challenge these days. As working women who are managing work and families, we’re all under a great deal of stress.  Because of COVID-19,

Get Hired to Write
July 29, 2020

Episode 45–Get Hired to Write “Get Hired to Write” is all about helping women tap into other talents that they may not be aware that they possess, and expand their earning potential. With the COVID-19 health threat,

Homeschool Help for Working Moms
July 22, 2020

Episode 44–Homeschool Help for Working Moms   Due to COVID-19, many schools have decided to do school online. The Working Woman Radio Show wants to provide homeschool help for working moms who are feeling stressed. Angela Paul,

Teachers Talk About COVID-19
July 15, 2020

Episode 43–Teachers Talk About COVID-19   In episode 43 of The Working Woman Radio Show, teachers talk about COVID-19 and the challenges they face as they contemplate going back into the classroom.  They share their concerns about being able to protect...

Balancing Work and School
July 07, 2020

Episode 42–Balancing Work and School Balancing work and school is a challenge for many working women who have returned to the classroom. Special guest, Marilyn Smith, talks about how she juggles teaching and being a student, herself.