The Wise Fool Art Podcast

The Wise Fool Art Podcast

Ray Cross, printmaker, designer and organizer of Bushwick Print Lab (USA)

March 07, 2022

We discussed: the love of camaraderie, being masterful, benefits of community and being supportive, DIY ethos, street art, spreading the gospel of print, finding time to make personal work, health and safety concerns, marketing art, romanticising the past, live printing workshops, the importance of keeping yoru overhead low, craft vs art



People + Places mentioned:


Pratt –

Luther Davis –

Printmakers Anonymous –

Deb Chaney –

Haven Press –

Caledonia Curry, Swoon –

Leon Reid + Brad Downey, Darius & Downey –

Wooster Collective –

Banksy –

Shepard Fairey –

Dischord Records –

Brand X editions –

Fine Art Printing, Ltd –

Pegasus Prints –

Lascaux –

TW Graphics screenprinting inks –

Speedball –

Tamarind Institute –



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