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S5E11 – Dr Andrew Bengsen, Removing Ferals!
June 02, 2024

Dr Andrew Bengsen talks to us this week about controlling ferals! Animals that is. Andrew has over 15 years experience in pest animal management or research and has been with the NSW Department of Pr

S5E10 – Ruth Clare: Courage – and Confidence – through Action
May 22, 2024

Ruth Clare, quite rightly, describes herself as a multi-passionate human who doesn't fit neatly into a box! Her formal credits include being a TEDx and motivational keynote speaker, award-winning a

S5E9 – Adam Blum is No Easy Target
May 12, 2024

CONTENT WARNING- This episode discusses mental health challenges and suicidal ideations as well as discussing the tragic death of a veteran.Adam Blumhad a troubled start to life, plagued by health i

S5E8 – Riana Crehan ‘Suffers Well’; From Supercars to SAS Australia
May 01, 2024

On Riana during SAS Australia: Shes a brilliant human. No bullshit, no ego, she just knuckled down and suffered well on the show - Dr Dan PronkIn this episode, Ben and Tim speak to television per

S5E7 – MAJGEN Justin “Jake” Ellwood DSC AM CSC – On Running (an Army Division, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority….and in general!)
April 24, 2024

As a special Anzac Day release, please enjoy our chat with MAJGEN (retd) Jake Ellwood. Jake is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, a role which puts him

S5E6 – Dr. Luana Main – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of stress and (over)training
April 21, 2024

This weeks guest is Dr Luana Main, a Senior Lecturer in Applied Sport Science at Deakin University. An athlete herself, Luanas research focuses on optimizing human performance and, in particular, f

@RV31 - Reconciliation, Travel and Reflections on Guests
April 07, 2024

Ben and Tim try to remember what an 'RV' actually is.... reconciliation and reflection, before we talk about our respective travel. From Morocco, Barcelona, Chicago, Brisbane, Hobart .... and more!Th

S5E5 – Rachel Vickery “Don’t Fix Broken – Create Awesome”
March 15, 2024

In this episode, Ben and Tim speak to Rachel Vickery. Rachel spent her formative years as a national level gymnast and Commonwealth Games representative for her native New Zealand before training as

S5E4– Creativity Builds Resilience: Artists in Foxholes
March 06, 2024

Do you believe that being creativity builds resilience?Well this week we aim to convince you so get ready. In support of the the upcoming we outline how:when you engage in creative a

S5E3– Ian Prior: How Professional Athletes Stay In the Arena
February 28, 2024

Ian Prior is MORE than just a professional rugby player with over a decade of high speed collisions in confined spaces. Hes incredibly well read and researched. He meditates and practices journalin