The TwitchyCoffee Podcast

The TwitchyCoffee Podcast

Latest Episodes

#9 - Crinjworthy
April 13, 2019

Jack (Crinjworthy) is a Brisbane-based Radio Host, TV Presenter, YouTuber, Streamer and Journalist. On this week's podcast we discuss queer games, getting a job in the gaming industry, and much more.

#8 - Pikalew
April 04, 2019

Pikalew (Lewis) is a Sydney-based Content Creator and Community Manager for Pixel Party. On this week's podcast, we spill the tea, discuss being genuine, and much more. 

#7 - Kazleberry
March 28, 2019

Kazleberry is a Perth-based Twitch Streamer. With over 1,100+ followers and 23,000 channel views, we discuss working in the gaming industry, mental health, and much more.

#6 - Domotius
March 21, 2019

Domotius (Matt) is a Tasmanian-based Twitch Streamer. With over 1,000+ followers and 20,000 channel views, we discuss dabbing, monetizing your content, and much more.

#5 - TheMattyAP
February 22, 2019

TheMattyAP (Matt) is a Sydney-based Twitch Streamer. With over 3,300+ followers and 64,000 channel views, we discuss looking at your viewer count, getting $5,000 donations, and much more.

#4 - Hyp3rstrike
February 14, 2019

Hyp3rstrike (Matt) is an Adelaide-based Twitch Streamer and Team Manager for Team OCE. With over 8 years on Twitch, we discuss working with brands, building and engaging with communities, and much more.  

#3 - Fazikins
February 08, 2019

 Fazikins (Chase) is a Brisbane-based Twitch Streamer. With over 1100+ followers and 17,000 channel views, we discuss hardstyle shuffling, talk about what motivated us to get into streaming, and much more. 

#2 - Raw_Genesis
January 31, 2019

Raw_Genesis (Ricky) is a Brisbane-based Twitch Streamer. With over 3600+ followers and 149,000 channel views, we discuss twitch controversies, butt emotes, and much more.

#1 - MetalManiacMat
January 24, 2019

MetalManiacMat (Mat) is a Melbourne-based Twitch Streamer. With over 2700+ followers and 38,000 channel views, we discuss his history on Twitch, his thoughts on cam girls, and much more.