The Truth Podcast. :2220vision & Company

The Truth Podcast. :2220vision & Company

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the aftermath #56
February 05, 2021

the aftermath of hiatus and adjusting to working full time. life is beautiful and I'm back on the mic.

graduation day #55
November 25, 2020

today is the day that i graduate from college.  i talk about life and my experience chasing my degree and figuring out what i want to do with my life. today is also the day that my first book "the almost college dropout" releases. you can purchase my

Jo Allen "Lost Tapes" #54
October 12, 2020

Today I have on Jo Allen as I start the new "Lost Tapes" series of episodes that I have pre recorded over the past year.  Today we take a deep dive into who Jo Allen is and her story in depth.  Definitely a great conversation with a good friend!

phoenix lee rise again #53
October 05, 2020

today on the podcast we have a good friend phoenix lee owner of rise again create spanning in from vintage clothing, to media and podcasting.  phoenix has been busy trying tons of different avenues and today we dive into his story and we dive into ho

reio cason full moon boys #52
September 28, 2020

today i sit down with a close friend, owner and creative director of full moon Reio Cason. we caught up and talked about current creative endeavors, mindsets and inspirations for current work. We also touched on pivotal moments that happened in our lives

u r beautiful #51
September 26, 2020

today we talk about the importance of feeling beautiful with another reddit story. we talk about some news as well, with topics touching on Halo 3's 13 year anniversary, The North Face and Gucci Collaboration Teaser. We also talk about some music as well,

a deep dive #50
September 21, 2020

as we hit a huge milestone of the 50th episode of the podcast I pop open a bottle of wine and reflect over everything that I have experienced in the last few years. I talk about what I am most thankful for and where I see myself in a year from now. 

shrooms changed everything #49
September 18, 2020

today we dive into the nitty gritty of another relationship experience from reddit. talk about life on venus? Cardi B files for divorce, Freaky Movie, the Playstation 5 (PS5) and more! Also the goodforyou playlist is live and will be updated very often!

a new found love for new balance #48
September 14, 2020

today we talk fashion and how new balance has become very popular over the past few years. also make sure to spread love and take care of our earth she needs our help! <3

protect your peace. #47
September 11, 2020

another reddit segment, including the playstation 1 turning 25 years old and also a fresh prince of bel air reboot! happy friday beautiful people!