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The Trusted Agent

The Trusted Agent Podcast - Anthony Webb

April 12, 2022

Some may think that it was a forgone conclusion that Anthony Webb would follow in his father's footsteps choosing real estate as a career path. Yet, when Anthony did join the team, he immediately began forging his own successful career in property management.

After making his mark in rentals, Anthony set himself new parameters and headed overseas working for several prominent companies in London and Ireland. This was a defining period for him, a journey that put him on track to a successful career in sales and eventually management.

As a Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer, Anthony has run highly successful marketing campaigns and negotiated record breaking prices for his clients. He also works closely with vendors to ensure they are well-prepared for auction day, helping them to achieve their real estate dreams.

Marking his 20th anniversary milestone at PhilipWebb in 2018, Anthony was appointed Chief Executive Officer with the aim of leading the company into new markets and ensuring its continued success. He loves the day-to-day challenges this new role presents, and takes great pride in achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients and staff.