The Transformational Entrepreneur with McKenzie Youg

The Transformational Entrepreneur with McKenzie Youg

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How to be creative and business-oriented
February 08, 2019

Hey everyone thank you so much for joining me! today is going to be all about how to be creative and do the things you love while still running a successful business. Make sure you listen until the end because I give my best tip at the very end and it’s g

How To Make BANK Using Sales Copy
February 06, 2019

Hey everyone! This episode is all about what sales copy is and the strategies that you can implement in your business in order for you to make more money. I hope this is helpful for you if you liked it please leave a comment below and let me know what you

How To Balance Business And Life
February 05, 2019

Hey everyone! Learn how to balance your business AND life. If you enjoy please leave me a review: If you leave a review you’ll be entered to win a $30 Starbucks gift card!! Winner is announced Feb 13. PLEASE send me a screenshot of your review on Instagra

How to Build Your Brand Story
February 03, 2019

Hey everyone! Today’s episode talks about what a brand story is, why you need one and how to create one.

Mastering Mindset with Shane Kipper
January 31, 2019

Your mindset is key: without a positive mindset you will really struggle to get your business off the ground. We recommend meditating at least once daily, even if that’s only 5 minutes

2019 Girl Boss Reading List
January 31, 2019

Hey babes this episode is all about books and a 2019 at that you can start reading today. These are great books for the beginning entrepreneur or even those who own a successful business. they will allow you to uncover your fears, become very motivated an

Private Pilot License at age 20: How to make your dreams come true
January 31, 2019

Hey babes! Today’s episode is all about how I got my private Pilot License at such a young age. It was my dream to get my license and although it was the HARDEST thing I have ever done, it was SO worth it. I hope this inspires you to GO OUT THERE AND CHAS

Beating Burnout & Finding Balance: Introduction
January 28, 2019

Hey babes! This first episode is an introduction about me and includes a little bit of my journey in becoming a successful online business owner. Dont forget to tag me on Instagram @darlingkenzie and join my Facebook group The Transformational Entreprene