Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast

Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast

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How Smart Metering Helps Manufacturers Save Big, Helps Preserve the Planet
June 18, 2024

Satish Saini, who is utility industries specialist for HEXstream and head of the United Nations Transmission & Distribution Energy Efficiency Working Group as well as the Chair of IEEE Smart Grid Technical Activities Committee, joins Smart Industry’s

What's New in Industrial Safety [Production Pulse]
June 13, 2024

Keeping workers safe on the job should be the top priority for every business, so how is industrial America doing? Join IndustryWeek's Robert Schoenberger, EHS Today's Dave Blanchard and Chemical Proc

Supply Chain Basics: Outsourcing Logistics
June 11, 2024

In this Supply Chain 101 explainer podcast, youll learn how outsourcing logistics allows companies to free up resources and focus on their core competencies.About the ArticleSupply Chain 101: Outsourcing LogisticsOutsourcing logistics allows companie

Is AI Changing the Role of ERP?
June 08, 2024

Enterprise technology expert Stu Johnson reports on the results or Rootstock Softwares recent survey of manufacturers their expectations for generative Artificial Intelligence, and how they assess their businesss digital transformation.

RCA 101 – When, How, and How Often You Should Conduct Root Cause Analysis
June 06, 2024

Root cause analysis helps engineers analyze asset performance and identify the source of machine failure. But how many RCAs are enough for your maintenance program, and how can you use them to change

Why Everyone on the Plant Floor Is Drawn to a Dumpster Fire [Ask a Plant Manager]
June 01, 2024

Joe Kuhn, CMRP, former plant manager, engineer, and global reliability consultant, is now president of Lean Driven Reliability LLC. He is the author of the book Zero to Hero: How to Jumpstart Your Reliability Journey Given Todays Business Challenges an

Manufacturers Don't Use Generative AI, IIoT is Meaningless
May 30, 2024

For all of the hype and fear about ChatGPT and Google's Gemini, manufacturers say they're not really using generative AI, says IndustryWeek Senior Editor for Technology Dennis Scimeca. They're using a

Editor's Choice: 10 New Products That Caught Our Attention
May 28, 2024

Join Laura Davis, EIC of New Equipment Digest as she talks about her choices for 10 of the latest new products to hit the manufacturing industry. Learn more about the products mentioned in this episod

How Mayor Glenn Jacobs Is Driving Manufacturing Growth and Innovation in Knox County, Tennessee
May 23, 2024

Glenn Jacobs is theMayor of Knox County, TN. Heavy industry in the State of Tennessee is booming, especially automotive, and Knox County has added more than 2,500 jobs and seen $217 million in capital investment under the leadership of Mayor Jacobs. In t

Cybersecurity Action Steps and the Dilemma of Guarding Private Data
May 21, 2024

Kiteworks CISO Frank Balonis, a 20-year veteran of IT support and protecting manufacturing data, joins Smart Industrys Scott Achelpohl as a follow-up to an April article he wrote for SI in which he riffs off cyber threats that threaten the factory floor