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The Security Ledger Podcast

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Episode 164: Who owns the Data Smart Cars collect? Also: making Passwords work.
October 10, 2019

In this episode of Security Ledger Podcast (#164): your car is spying on you. But who owns the data it collects? Also: LastPass’s Dan DeMichele joins us to talk about why password security is still so hard.

Episode 163: Cyber Risk has a Dunning-Kruger Problem also: Bad Password Habits start at Home
October 03, 2019

In this episode of Security Ledger Podcast (#163) sponsored by LastPass: companies are spending more than ever on cyber security, but feel less secure. Why? Kevin Richards of the insurer Marsh joins us to talk about that company's Cyber Risk Perceptio...

Spotlight Podcast: Breaking Bad Password Habits to Fight Advanced Threats
September 26, 2019

In this Spotlight edition of the Security Ledger podcast, Rachel Stockton of LastPass * joins us to discuss the myriad of challenges facing companies trying to secure users' online activities, and simple solutions for busting insecure user behaviors to...

Episode 162: Have We missed Electric Grid Cyber Attacks for Years? Also: Breaking Bad Security Habits
September 25, 2019

Joe Weiss of Applied Control Solutions on how and why we have missed hundreds of grid cyber incidents. Also Rachel Stockton of LastPass on taming the unruly password user.

Spotlight Podcast: Security Automation is (and isn’t) the Future of Infosec
September 18, 2019

David Brumley the CEO of ForAllSecure talks about the benefits and limits of security automation.

Spotlight Podcast: Rethinking Your Third Party Cyber Risk Strategy
September 11, 2019

Third party cyber risk is growing. Despite that, most companies are unprepared to address it in a systematic way. In this Spotlight Podcast, a companion to our new eBook, Rethinking Third Party Cyber Risk Management,

Episode 161: 3 Years after Mirai, IoT DDoS Problem may get Worse
September 09, 2019

Three years after the Mirai botnet launched some of the biggest denial of service attacks ever seen, DDoS is a bigger problem and ever. Even worse: we stand on the made up of webcams and other Internet of things as technologies like 5G bring greater band

Episode 160 Right to Repair’s Summer of Love – Sort of.
September 04, 2019

call it Right to Repair's "Summer of Love." Summer 2019 saw developments on a number of fronts in the nation-wide battle to win a digital right to repair. In this podcast, we talk with Nathan Proctor of US PIRG's Right to Repair campaign and Kyle Wiens of

Episode 159: Deep Fakes and Election (in)Security with ZeroFOX
August 29, 2019

We discuss deep fakes and election insecurity with Sam Small CSO of ZeroFOX

Episode 158: How NotPetya has Insurers grappling with Systemic Cyber Risk
August 20, 2019

Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts speaks with Bruce McConnell of the East West Institute about systemic cyber risk.