The Brian Icenhower Podcast

The Brian Icenhower Podcast

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Episode 362 - Real Estate Manager Training - How to Train a New Manager
June 04, 2024

Learn these real estate manager training techniques for training new leaders of your real estate team or brokerage for better retention & recruiting. Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team: ht

Episode 361 - How Josh Anderson's Team Closes 45 Transactions Per Agent Each Year!
May 28, 2024

Learn to increase real estate team production by hearing how Josh Anderson's team closes 45 transactions per agent each year w/ $135 million is sales volume in Nashville, Tennessee.   Order The High-P

Episode 360 - Why Realtor Networking Ideas Don't Work!
May 21, 2024

Learn how to make these realtor networking ideas purposeful activities that are in alignment with your goals by generating more business!   Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team: https://thereale

Episode 359 - Real Estate Agent Recruiting - Train Your Manager to Recruit
May 14, 2024

Real Estate Agent Recruiting - Watch to learn how brokers & team leaders can train their managers to recruit. Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team:

Episode 358: How to Create Your Own Real Estate Courses Online
May 07, 2024

Learn how to create your own real estate courses online to train agents & realtors in a more effective & timely fashion. Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team: https://therealestatetraine

Episode 357 - Real Estate Team Pros and Cons - Should I Join One?
April 30, 2024

Learn the different real estate team pros and cons before deciding whether to join a team or even what type of team to join.Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team:

Episode 356 - Commercial Real Estate Training for Residential Agents
April 23, 2024

Watch as Brian Icenhower & Dan Floriani discuss commercial real estate training strategies to maximize passive income by partnering with clients.Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team:htt

Episode 355: Real Estate Leadership Coaching Strategies
April 16, 2024

Use the real estate leadershipcoaching strategies to help properly structure your organization so that it runs itself!Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team:

Episode 354 - Leadership Training for Real Estate Companies Wanting to Grow
April 09, 2024

Use these strategies & mindset practices as leadership training for real estate companies wanting to grow.Order The High-Performing Real Estate Team:

Episode 353 - NAR Settlement Scripts for REALTORS to Explain to Clients
April 02, 2024

Use these NAR settlement scripts for realtors crafted for real estate agents to use as talking points to explain how the National Association of Realtors lawsuit settlement changes impacts the purchas