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Grateful or Covetous – Podcast Episode 79
October 06, 2020

As a family do you subscribe to a grateful or covetous spirit? Is your time and energy focused on being grateful for what you have and what you have done? Do the possessions and accomplishments of those around you capture your attention?

Do You Know How to Rest? – Podcast Episode 78
September 21, 2020

Do you know how to rest? One of the things that's really critical for kids, that starts at home, is rest. As an adult do you teach your kids or show them how important it is to rest? Keep up to date with The Ranches by following us on Facebook!

Are You Teaching Your Kids to Lie? – Podcast Episode 77
September 08, 2020

Does your family lie? We all lie. It's pretty common to have little white lies here, little white lies there. But do your kids watch you lie on a regular basis? Are you teaching your kids to lie? Keep up to date with The Ranches by following us on F...

How Do You Deal With Difficult People? – Podcast Episode 76
August 25, 2020

Difficult People We all have difficult people in our lives. How our children deal with those difficult people is going to trace back to how we, as parents, have dealt with difficult people in our lives.

What Does Your Family Worship? – Podcast Episode 75
August 10, 2020

Family Worship is the object of our exploration on this episode of Raise Them Up Podcast. What do your kids see you focus your time, effort and energy on? An hour on Sunday morning is one level of energy, but what do they see you doing the rest of the ...

It Starts at Home – Podcast Episode 74
August 05, 2020

If the one thing you can do for your child is always make life a little bit easier to navigate, it is so worth it. It starts at home. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with Raise Them Up Podcast.

What Divides Us? -Podcast Episode 73
June 08, 2020

What divides us? A lot of families are trying to deal with the differences that exist in their own family. By learning the importance of diverse thought, we can avoid contempt and resentment for those who live their lives differently.

What Will Our Kids Remember About Quarantine?
May 08, 2020

We all have memories from distinctive times in our past. Every family goes through things. Tough timeschallenging timescelebratory timestimes of change. Emotions link to memories and memories are a

The Fringe – Podcast Episode 71
May 04, 2020

Join The Ranches as they explore the fringe. The fringe is when you're kind of on the edge of a spectrum, political, parenting or whatever it is. It's the extreme edges of not mainstream, it's on the fringe of things. If you enjoyed this episode,

Control – Podcast Episode 70
April 20, 2020

Today we're going to talk about control and control issues. We are all at some point or another catapulted into this idea that we need to have control of something.