The Postgrad Podcast

The Postgrad Podcast

Episode 5 - Shoot For The Moon (with Sally French)

November 01, 2015

Sally French is the Social Media Editor and Drone Reporter at MarketWatch in San Francisco. She's also the drone journalism expert behind the Drone Girl blog! Sally and I met in the dorms during our freshman year at the University of Missouri.

On this episode we discuss:

- Sally's first two jobs after college: a newspaper reporter in Southern California making $10/hour and a job at a San Francisco-based tech company where she had a bad boss.
- How Sally's drone blog helped her get her current job at MarketWatch.
- Sally's idea for a children's book series about the Drone Girl.
- The doubts and failures Sally faced during her first postgrad year, and how she overcame them.
- Buying an apartment(!!!)
- How Sally met her boyfriend, Hammy, online.
- Sally's advice for her pre-grad self, summarized in a Mary Poppins song.