The Postgrad Podcast

The Postgrad Podcast

Episode 2 - Health, Healing & Hope (with Nicole Krasavage)

September 28, 2015

Nicole Krasavage is a news producer at WXII in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In January 2015, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's – a thyroid autoimmune disease that left her feeling incredibly tired and unbearably sick almost constantly. In May 2015, she made the decision to take a medical leave from her job and go back home to Chicago to get her health under control. Her experience has caused her to rethink how she lives her life, including her career. Nicole was my freshman-year college roommate and is still one of my closest friends.

In this episode we discuss:

- Why Nicole decided to take a job as a TV producer in North Carolina
- Nicole's journey with discovering that she has an autoimmune disease.
- How and Why Nicole decided to take medical leave less than one year into her first job, and why it was the best decision for her health.
- What Nicole has learned through her journey dealing with her health, and her tips for other people coping with autoimmune diseases.

You can find Nicole on Twitter: @nkrasavage and on Instagram: @nicoleksav.