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The Pivot

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A Prayer Book and "Your People Will Rejoice Again" - HEADWATERS MINI-SODE #3
October 25, 2021

What is the difference between a prayer book and a devotional? SUCH SUSPENSE!! Also, why is a book a part of this project? The song for today is an Acoustic Version of "Your People Will Rejoice Again". CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT!! --- Support this podcast:

"Why Kickstarter!?" HEADWATERS MINI-SODE #2 - The Love of Jesus
October 18, 2021

I'll answer one of the biggest questions (at least in my own mind) about my upcoming album and book project, HEADWATERS. The song for today is an Acoustic Version of "The Love Of Jesus". CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT!! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.

October 12, 2021

The first in a month-long series unpacking the stories of my upcoming album and book project, HEADWATERS, and a little update on what kept me away from podcasting (or singing or speaking!) for the past few months. Also, hear how you can help support the p

097 - Morgan Harper Nichols
April 20, 2021

If you follow a Christian woman between the ages of 20 and 40 on Instagram, then youve 1000% seen Morgans work. She does these beautiful, inspiring, super shareable quotes and thoughts over wonderful artwork and once they get to the internet they just g

096 - Douglas McKelvey
April 14, 2021

MY GOODNESS. I loved this conversation.Douglas McKelvey is a most fascinating human. Hes the author of two incredible books of liturgies, the second actually releases this week and is called Every Moment Holy, Vol. 2: Death, Grief and Hope. Hes also a

095 - Lynn Holloway
March 30, 2021

Lynn Holloway was an Imagineer for Disney and has designed all kinds of amazing things, from theme parks to Danish parades to Super Bowl halftime shows. Hes a visual storyteller working in three dimensions and his work is fascinating.But this is really

094 - Jill Phillips
March 23, 2021

After 20 years as a singer/songwriter, Jill Phillips went back to school to get her Masters in counseling and is now a full-time Marriage and Family therapist (who still plays music!)To anyone who knows Jill at all, this career transition is not surprisi

093 - Rob Touchstone (Founder of The Well Coffeehouse)
March 16, 2021

Rob Touchstone is co-founder of The Well Coffeeshop, a chain of non-profit coffeeshops who donate their profits to providing clean water wells to communities in poverty all over the world. (Its also just a really good coffeeshop.) Besides that, Rob is an

092 - David Zach
March 09, 2021

David Zach is an abolitionist in a rock and roll band. He has traveled all over the world, going undercover to help rescue girls from slavery and sex trafficking. Its a wild story.But 9-to-5, David is the frontman for the band, Remedy Drive. The band st

091 - Michael Wear
March 02, 2021

Im not sure exactly when I started following Michael Wears work. I think I just gradually noticed that a lot of people I respected continued to quote him and reference him, so I had to go see who this guy was.Well, it turns out, this guy is pretty dang