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America’s Energy Security Depends on Offshore Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
January 24, 2022

Offshore oil drilling provides the kind of oil that fracking cannot—oil that can be easily refined to create plastics and jet fuel. They are among the safest constructions ever made—because of advance

Electric Vehicles Will Never Dominate the Streets of America
January 17, 2022

EVs are hugely expensive, have limited range, don’t work well in either hot or cold weather, and burn furiously when the battery ignites. There is not now, nor ever will there ever be, sufficient elec

Biden is a Blow to America’s Prestige Across the World
January 10, 2022

Such a disastrous outcome would never have happened during the two terms of President Ronald Reagan. To help understand what has befallen America and how to undo the harm Biden and other woke Democrat

Deep State Perpetuating Fake Climate Emergency
January 03, 2022

We are being told that we must make a sudden mass conversion to expensive and impractical wind and solar power to “stop climate change.” The fact that reputable science does not back the scare is imma

Physical Fitness is the Key to Recharging Your Body’s Dynamo
December 27, 2021

Certified Personal Trainer Greg Jasnikowski says anyone can optimize their health and increase the enjoyment of life through physical fitness. Greg is one of America’s most knowledgeable and effective

The Life-Giving Benefits of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
December 20, 2021

Dr. Cuttler discovered evidence of the low leukemia rates of Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors who were located 2 to 3 km from ground zero. He and his colleagues also discovered that Alzheimer’s and Par

The Scientific Method Clashes With PostModernism
December 13, 2021

The Scientific Method is now at risk of being completely derailed by postmodern thinkers who reject the fundamentals of the Enlightenment. Instead of comparing their theories of how the world works wi

Protecting our Farmers from Uninformed Bureaucrats
December 06, 2021

Few city dwellers seem to understand the vast risks farmers take and how vulnerable they are to draconian regulations such as the Waters of the United States rule that President Biden is bringing back

The Modern Agricultural Miracle
November 29, 2021

Today’s farmers are feeding a growing world population and providing us the best food in history while at the same time returning land to nature. Steve Goreham explains that climate fear mongers are a

Joe Bastardi Challenges the UN and their ‘War on Weather’
November 22, 2021

Joe Bastardi puts it all into context for those who still believe the sky is falling. Climate Change or Global Warming, whatever you prefer to call it, is nothing more than a war on weather! With 45 y