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Biden to Replace Productive Farmland With Useless Wind and Solar Power
July 26, 2021

Joe Biden's plans to cripple America’s farm states by engaging in the greatest theft in American history in the name of the ludicrous goal of “stopping climate change.” Senator Roger Marshall, R-KS, i

Novelist Fights Fire with Fire on Climate Change
July 19, 2021

It is a real treat to read a story based on the sound climate science the author learned from leading climate experts. Writer Sally Fernandez joins Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris to discuss “Climatized,”

Blood Minerals Behind Wind and Solar Power
July 12, 2021

Most people are not aware of how wind and solar power use rare earths and other minerals derived from child and slave labor in developing countries. Try to picture the raw material demands, Third Worl

Canada’s Capitulation to Climate Extremists; a Cautionary Tale for America
July 05, 2021

Learn how Canada’s virtue signaling government failed its citizens by enabling destructive energy policies to appease aggressive and uninformed climate crusaders, something America must never do! Lear

The Sea Level Hoax
June 29, 2021

If President Joe Biden’s intention in promoting sea level fears were simply to boost his popularity among the far left of his party, it wouldn’t matter much. But the president is using the sea level r

Lessons in Resistance Against a Government Gone Bad
June 23, 2021

If you truly value freedom over comfort, you will get off the couch and learn effective ways to actively fight against those who now seek to enslave you. Resistance can be learned. When applied, the enemy is quickly disarmed.

America’s Energy Renaissance Explained
June 21, 2021

Here is what environmental activists and their allies in mainstream media and government don’t want you to know about the amazing technology of hydraulic fracturing. It has made America the world’s largest oil producer and,

“A Climate Lockdown Is Next,” says Marc Morano
June 14, 2021

There is no climate emergency, Morano explains, but there is a freedom emergency. Marc Morano writes, “The challenge for climate realists going forward will be, not just showing the hard data, but addressing the warped culture that promotes climate ala...

Electric Vehicles Expensive, Unreliable and Environmentally Damaging
June 07, 2021

When you consider the rare earths, lithium, cobalt, and other minerals needed to produce EV batteries, and the fact that much of this is produced with child and near-slave labor with practically no health, safety,

H.R.1 – A Betrayal of American Democracy
May 31, 2021

H.R.1 threatens the very fabric of American democracy and is simply a political tool being used by the Democrats to bolster their chances of future electoral success. Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris are joined by Joseph A. Morris,