Obsidian Blade • The Frequency

Obsidian Blade • The Frequency

Latest Episodes

The Frequency : EP 13 : Migrating to the True Human Legacy Within
September 10, 2020

Special gust appearance by Phoenix Rising! Your quest is to become human being who lives in harmony with what is. For when you do, you receive much instruction through inner-standing and make the leap to the great migration of our lifetime.

The Frequency : EP 12 : Exploring States of Everyday Non Duality
August 20, 2020

Existence is unified. Everything is touching. And we see it and experience it daily. But, it is only our minds that create false separations in a non dual universe. Until we don’t. And then we will begin to explore our world quite differently!

The Frequency : EP 11 : Dropping Your False Narrative of the World
August 15, 2020

We’ve been relating to a particular description of ourselves as human beings. Which is not our full truth. Which is just like being locked in a jail cell. While living in reaction to an invented reality that’s got nothing to do with our actual reality. We

The Frequency : EP 10 : Understanding Yourself as the Map of Creation
August 06, 2020

You are a field of energy that is meant to grow from its previous agreements and lessons. And then leap into this wild new collective opportunity we all have to come together. And then witness ourselves as the living conscious cosmos. To then traverse it!

The Frequency : EP 9 : Enhancing Your Relationship to Existence
July 29, 2020

Are you ready to be distracted from deception itself? The noise of opinions rather than life giving realities. Together we remember to go beyond the surface of things. And no longer be in reaction to them. Restructuring ourselves to what is real. The thin

The Frequency : EP 8 : Becoming the Authority of Change
July 22, 2020

We are in a moment of change from revolution to evolution. What will we decide to create next for our human structures and societies? As the old ones are deconstructed. What is the one very natural way that will guide us back to our authentic power, balan

The Frequency : EP 7 : Exposing the Invisible Prison of Your Energy
July 15, 2020

How does the psychic energy of the masses hold us back? And to what extent does the history of our ancestors, both individual and collective, affect our growth and limit our best destiny?

The Frequency : EP 6 : Ending the Stimulation of Deception
July 08, 2020

When a mind is occupied. It cannot see the bigger picture of life. It has been corralled into a scheme. A dissatisfaction. A distancing to what is. This is the time where we all wake up and realize we’ve been trained for centuries to negotiate with decept

The Frequency : EP 5 : Awakening to a Great Life of Cosmic Nature
July 02, 2020

It really comes down to this one thing. Do you want to move forward on your path? Of solving massive problems. Not only in your personal life. But also for the world at the same time. And to know how really easily doable and real it all is. To be a strong

The Frequency : EP 4 : Exposing The Laws Of Your Core Beliefs
June 17, 2020

Getting comfortable with your ultimate truth is part of the path. But it's also very essential for our times of social change and world shift. Let's look at embracing all aspects of yourself. And how our human habit of laws is created from emotional energ