The New Construction Leader Podcast | Leadership, Personal development, productivity, mentorship

The New Construction Leader Podcast | Leadership, Personal development, productivity, mentorship

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#021: The STORY of Bryan Orr
June 08, 2016

Bryan Orr is the host of The WOW Small Business Podcast and the Owner of Kalos Services. Bryan gives us some insight on starting a business, having a successful team, and how one man can survive 9 kids.

#020: A Strong Woman in Construction with Amber Ferrari
May 25, 2016

Amber has worked in many different roles in her construction career. She has experienced rapid growth through mentors, training, and walking through fear. Amber shares some powerful personal stories that will help inspire you to take some action in...

#019: Raising the Bar with Naiana Miranda
May 11, 2016

Naiana got her start when she was 22 landing a career in leadership development where she trained such corporations as Coca Cola on how to build high performance teams. Since then she has trained thousands of people to expand their comfort...

#018: Health and Fitness in the Construction Industry with Luke DePron
April 27, 2016

Luke DePron is a fitness, kinesiology, and human mechanics expert. In this conversation Luke breaks down fitness, nutrition, and gives us some step by step workouts we can use to see significant results without spending our lives in the gym. This...

#017: From Apprentice to Project Manager with Corey Munoz
April 13, 2016

Today we talk with Corey Munoz, Project Executive at Cupertino Electric. Corey shares with us how he went from Apprentice to Project Manager, tips for running an effective project, and the importance of knowing exactly where you want to go in you career.

#016: One Extraordinary Marriage with Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo
March 30, 2016

Tony and Alisa Dilorenzo stop by to share with us how marriage and relationships tie into personal and professional development. They also give some tips and strategies for building a happy marriage and relationship. Check them out at...

#015: The Importance of Leadership In Safety with Steve Bowers
March 16, 2016

Today we are talking with Steve Bowers of Global Safety Management. Steve and I talk about safety and how this makes you a more professional leader Steve gives some key action items for outstanding leadership that will help motivate your crew And 3...

#014: The Successful Foreman
March 02, 2016

Today we  are welcoming back our first repeat guest. This guy was originally on the show as The President of Business Development for Hewitt Young Electric. Today we are talking to him as founder of Successful Foreman. Successful...

#013: Mindset
February 17, 2016

Mindset is so important to your personal and professional growth. In this episode we talk about what a positive mindset can do for you, some of the benefits you can achieve with a simple change in mindset. Also my number one resource for setting...

#012: Personal Planning
February 03, 2016

Today I talk about personal planning and how it has been a game changer in my life. Listen in as I describe how personal planning has helped boost my confidence, improve my relationships, and be intentional with my finances.