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Surrey’s Wildflowering Project

January 15, 2021

Episode 10 - Surrey's Wildflowering Project
Welcome to Surrey's Wildflowering Project, a podcast made as part of the Surrey's Greener Future initiative.

Surrey County Council asked people to submit ideas to help combat the climate crisis in September 2019 . They selected ten ideas from the submissions.
Surrey's Widflowering project
I last met Nigel Collin in January 2020 before the Covid pandemic really took off. Nigel is the driving force behind the Wildflowering Project. Surrey County Council selected this as part of the Surrey's Greener Future Programme.

Nigel tells us about the progress that the project has made during 2020. Many might think that the pandemic would stop the project. Not so!

Slowed but not stopped

Nigel tells us that progress has been made. They managed to seed some verges. A team has been set up to move the project forward. There are a wide range of skills on the team. The team includes people from the county highways department, local councillors and experts on natural environments.

Progress in spite of issues

In a Episode 5 Nigel told me that there were a number of issues with his original concept. He has worked with Surrey County Council to come up with acceptable workarounds.

He may not have achieved everything he hoped to do but there has been significant progress!
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