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War on the Line 2019 (part 2)

April 17, 2020

Episode 30 - War on the Line 2019 (part 2)
Welcome to War on the Line 2019 (part 2), where I talk to a number of characters from the local community. The 2019 event commemorates 75 years since D Day.
Bomb Disposal:
The Danger Unexploded Bomb sign was often seen in the early 1940s. A UXB requires a specialist to defuse it. These people are incredibly brave. Each time they pit their wits and experience against the bomb's designer. A mistake results in a large explosion with catastrophic results.
The bomb disposal team:
The team is represented by the Army and the Royal Navy.

The Navy is here to deal with airborne mines because they have experience with mines at sea whilst the Army deals with the bombs.

We learn about the different ways of dealing with the different types of mines and bombs.

Butterfly bombs were first  used was against the people of Grimsby.  Sadly because they don't look dangerous children played with some that didn't explode immediately. The Government had to publicise their dangers in schools.
Station entertainment:
I meet May Blossom on one of the stations. I can't tell you which!

She is singing and entertaining the troops and civilians passing through the station. Such is her popularity that there is quite a crush when a train arrives and two children show how well they can jive!
The RAF Control Room:
My final interview in this episode is with one of the RAF Air Controllers. She tells me about their work guiding the RAF aircraft to their targets. They are an essential back-room team.
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