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Farnham’s Pollution Challenge

November 10, 2019

Episode 2 - Farnham's Pollution Challenge
Welcome to the Farnham's Pollution Challenge podcast.

In October 2019 Jeremy Hunt and the Farnham Herald newspaper co-hosted a Pollution Summit. Farnham is an historic market town at the far west of Surrey, on the border with Hampshire. The town is some 34 miles from London and is surrounded by rolling hills.

The town suffers badly from air pollution and there are three major hot-spots. The Farnham Herald published an article in August 2018 where the air was described as being not only dirtier than most of the M25 but also  above the legal limit.

The 2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report published by Waverley Borough Council details the Farnham locations where there is a significant issue. Click this link to view the report.

In the first part of the podcast I talk to Jeremy Hunt about the summit and also ask about the effect on people's health. We then talk about the actions that individual people can take to help make a difference.

In the second part of Farnham's Pollution Challenge I talk to Pete from the Farnham Cycle Campaign. The campaign is pushing to make cycling safer in Farnham. The result - fewer cars making short journeys and sitting in traffic jams. This would reduce the pollution levels and people would be fitter.

To find out about the Farnham Cycle Campaign please click here.

Surrey County Council selected the Farnham Cycle Campaign as one of the projects for the Surrey's Greener Future initiative.
Find out more about Surrey's Greener Future:
To find out more about the 'design challenge' please follow this link.
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