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The Money Advantage Podcast

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One Powerful Question to Maximize Freedom and Control – A Client’s Story: Dr. Lee and Candice Matthis
December 09, 2019 In today’s show, we highlight Dr. Lee and Candice Matthis and their inspiring story.  Dr. Lee Matthis is a chiropractor working with Tuck Clinic, a large practice in southwestern Virginia,

The Economic Value of Certainty, by Les McGuire (Reviewed)
December 02, 2019 Les McGuire reveals a timeless truth about the economic value of certainty that goes back as far as scripture.  It’s that to have the highest chance of flourishing, you need certainty, guarantees, and stability.

Creating Time and Money Freedom with Real Estate, Anna Kelley, REI Mom
November 25, 2019 In today’s show, we’re interviewing Anna Kelley.  She's a real estate investor who has created time and money freedom.  And, she's the founder of REI Mom, helping women create a legacy through real estate investing.

Are We at the Top of the Market?  How to NOT Lose Money
November 18, 2019

After seeing an upward trend in the markets over the past decade, you may be concerned that we’re at the top of the market cycle.  Many people are feeling the volatility and uncertainty.  How do economic factors direct your decision-making?

Bob Fraser: Real Estate Notes with Aspen Funds
November 11, 2019 In today’s show, we’re interviewing Bob Fraser, Co-Founder and CFO of Aspen Funds.  Aspen Funds operates several private investment funds in real estate notes for accredited investors,

Why You Shouldn’t Retire
November 04, 2019 Retirement seems top of mind in almost every financial endeavor in our culture.  It’s this buzzword at the culmination of all your financial pursuits, as if it’s the thing we all must strive for,

The Truth About IULs, with Todd Langford
October 28, 2019 In today’s show, Todd Langford joins us to dig deeper into Indexed Universal Life. He is the CEO and developer of Truth Concepts financial calculators, better known as a financial Truth Teller.

What to Do With Tax-Deferred Investments for Business Owners
October 21, 2019

Tax deferral may seem like the epitome of smart financial planning.  But tax-deferred investments can be a tricky trap like the spiderwebs that caught Frodo in Lord of the Rings.

Tax Savings Strategies for Doctors, Dentists, and Chiropractors
October 14, 2019

In today’s show, we interview Dustin Griffiths, tax strategist with Kings Tax and Accounting.  We’ve had him on the show twice before because taxes are a key area that we see over and over again that business owners of all types are leaking money.

Why It’s Not Risky to Invest in Your Business
October 07, 2019

Investing in your business can be one of the most focused, strategic, and productive financial decisions you can make.  If the environment and the indicators are right.  That’s because your business is one of your best investments. However,