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The Quickest Shortcut to Principle Centered Living You’re Ever Going To Get!
August 26, 2021

Our culture is moving further and further away from principles and truth. What we really ultimately hope to give you, and to build and create, is a community that has the power to shift the culture.

The Rest of Her Story: Sharidean Flint
May 09, 2021

"I feel the sustaining presence of the Savior and a deep sense of calm." ~Sharidean Flint One year ago, my sister was healthy and happy as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, neighbor, and c

Stuck In Your Hero’s Journey?
March 03, 2021

“There is an exhilaration in knowing who you are.” ~Audrey Rindlisbacher - The first time I learned about "The Hero's Journey" by Joseph Campbell, I was blown away. It was everywhere! The idea that there was a form for the way the best stories are tol...

Principles of Government Part 2: Rights of Life, Liberty, Property, and Conscience
February 24, 2021

Whatever is at the center of a person's life forms the fabric of his conscience. The conscience must be educated from divine sources in order for it to be keen and sharp, responsive and sensitive to

What Is A Mother of Principle?
February 17, 2021

MDM has quenched a thirst to really be consistent in applying principles. It has broken open the doors of empowerment, freedom, and joy by helping me apply principles daily. ~Leanna Irving "Underst

The Virtues Series Pt. 1: Introduction to the 3 Types of Virtues
February 04, 2021

Moral philosophy is the science of virtue and vice and therefore the true doctrine of the Laws of Nature is the true moral philosophy. ~Thomas Hobbes After sharing a difficult situation we are faci

Mission Driven Stories: Gene Stratton-Porter
January 28, 2021

What is the difference between my books and those of other writers, is that I prefer to describe and perpetuate the best I have known in life." ~Gene Stratton-Porter As a young girl growing up on a

Principles of Government Part 1: Natural Law, Rights, and Duties
January 20, 2021

It is the lack of knowledge of natural law and principles over the last century that has gotten us to where we are now. ~Audrey Rindlisbacher In this time of great civil unrest, do you know the pri