The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

Christine Gurganus: Psychic & Medium | Certified Life Coach

March 23, 2021

Christine Gurganus: Psychic & Medium
Christine Gurganus, CMM (Certified Meditation Master), CLC (Certified Life Coach), LCE (Licensed Certified Empath), Certified in Tactical Imaging.

Hi, this is a whisper from the other side…… that is how it begins with natural empaths, psychics, mediums, and intuitive. I was blessed to come from a long line of gifted ladies, our family line has it going back 5 generations on my fathers’ side of the family tree, and 3 on my mothers’ side.

However, generations ago gifted individuals were considered evil at worst and weird at best. So, today I’m still considered a bit weird but, gifted and helpful.

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